ChumChange acts as a solution to the confusion of splitting the bill. It allows users to share receipts, transfer money, and bill friends individually. Users can account for their memories by keeping their reciepts organized, and only paying for the item or service they used.


A New Way to Split the Bill

Users can connect their card or bank account in order to access funds. After a dinner at a resturant, they can scan the reciept into the app and share with friends. ChumChange allows users to bill specific members who consumed each dish. Based on the price or number of people who spilt an item, the price is calculated and a notification is sent to respective users.

Based off of research and surveys sent out to 50 college age students, I was able to identify several problems that ChumChange aimed to eliminate:

-Long reciepts that are easily lost

-Who do I owe? How much have I spent? — Hidden information like balances, group expenditure, individual expenditure.

-Did we settle the bill? - Ability to categorize payments and organize group expenses through customization




Type and Color

Mazzard H Bold


User Personas

To round out all of my research, I created two versions of personas that portrayed the insights from our users and gave us an idea of who the average money transferring app user is and what they are looking for. This new user persona was vital to inform our final app design.



From there I moved onto storyboarding to get a clearer picture of how user would move through our app.




High Fidelity

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